This Is Why We Make Blankets….

A picture is worth a thousand words…. Thank you Sister Maureen!


Thank you family & friends- you’ve made it possible for us to make and deliver over 300 blankets to cancer patients.

Read below to see what some incredible people are saying about the blankets we’ve made for them….

“Hello Marissa and Friends! My name is Lynne and my husband Michael has a rare ‘one in a million’ blood cancer that is in 75% of his bone marrow. This week, we received a blanket from you. It literally brought tears to our eyes. We just want you to know that your hard work and love is felt all the way to Canada. You sure made a difference to us. Your generosity and kindness is overwhelmingly beautiful. We received the blanket in the mail, and it was like CHRISTMAS. Michael just completed his 8th round of chemo, and he had that blanket on him in about 5 seconds flat. LOL! Thank you soooooo much for sending. You are a beautiful soul and we are so very grateful.” -Lynne & Michael, Canada


“This blanket was one of the most touching things I’ve ever received. Such a heartfelt gift. I guess for those who have lived through it, there’s a different kind of understanding. I really and truly appreciate it.” -42 Year Old Cancer Survivor, Rockville, MD


“The blankets arrived today in Milwaukee and they are beautiful. Thank you so much. I have already started to give them to my patients who are so touched by your kindness and generosity. Thank you again for making my patient’s lives a little bit better. Thank you Marissa and God bless.” -Dr. Mike Bishop, Hemotologist & Oncologist, Milwaukee, WI


“My 10 year old son was the recipient of the blue & lime green blanket that was made at your synagogue! We saw you in the picture and all of the young folks working on it and it brought a smile to my son’s face. Receiving this blanket opened the door to talking about his chemo treatments. We are all so scared about his upcoming treatments and the future, but are feeling so blessed to be supported by so many wonderful members of the community!” -Mom of a 10 year son w/ cancer, Gaithersburg, MD


“The chemo blanket that you made for me is absolutely beautiful and looks and feels like professionals have done it! Every time I have chemo, I bring it with me. Words cannot express how grateful I am to you. Not only is my chemo blanket gorgeous, but it is soooooo warm and it is all I need to keep me cozy during treatment.” -Debbie, Cancer Survivor, Charlotte, NC


“ Thank you very much for making these blankets. I was a recipient of one of the beautiful blankets today at the Cooper Group Infusion Center in NJ. They rolled in a BIG cart full of blankets and I chose the zebra stripe and pink one. It was such a blessing! Your kindness and thoughtfulness meant a lot to me and the other cancer patients. Thank you!” –Kelly, Cancer Survivor, NJ


“This blanket is really beautiful! I have been getting chemotherapy for 14 months and still have more to go. As much as your blanket will warm my body, more importantly it has warmed my heart. Thank you for your love and support as I continue to fight against this terrible disease.” -Dara, Cancer Survivor, Rockville, MD


“Ordinary people doing extraordinary deeds… that’s how I describe Marissa & her ‘Get Cozy During Chemo’ project” -Patty, Founder of Layers of Love, who distributes many of the blankets we’ve made directly to cancer patients