30 Blankets Sent to A Local Oncologist

Diva Warriors

We recently sent 30 blankets to a nearby doctor’s office in honor of cancer survivor Brenda Brody.  Brenda wrote this in her blog- Diva Warriors Update- about me…. she’s so sweet! I love her and I haven’t even met her yet.

Excerpt from Brenda’s blog:  

As I begin to tank into my nausea tired self, I can’t help but reflect on all those people who have helped me. Many I know and many I just met. I am grateful!

This experience has changed my life. How is yet to be determined.

Today we were able to give a ton of blankets from our Get Cozy During Chemo 13-year-old girlfriend. It warmed my heart to see the nurses had already passed them out before we even made it back to the chemo room. I wish I could have taken a picture to show you all, but many were sleeping and it just didn’t feel kosher.

I have included the amazing letter from my new buddy that I have never met. Marissa sent this letter to my doctors. My Physical Assistant, who I love, was so deeply touched and amazed that a 13 year old would think of such a useful and kind idea.

Much Love and thanks to all.





Brenda Brody mentioned that your office expressed interest the blankets that my friends and I make for cancer patients. In honor of Brenda, we’d like to donate some blankets for you to give to your patients who need chemo or perhaps just need a extra hug.  

Why do I make blankets for cancer patients? I lost my dad to sarcoma 2 ½ years ago. While battling this cancer, my family and I were constantly amazed by the kindness and generosity we received not only from people we knew but from complete strangers as well.

In hopes of sharing such thoughtfulness with others, I have started a project that I named “Get Cozy During Chemo”, where my friends and I make fleece blankets and donate them to cancer patients around the country.  You can visit my site www.getcozyduringchemo.org to learn more.

Many thanks for all the support and love you give to your patients. And thank you for taking such good care of Brenda.


Marissa Stoller