From Inspirational Cancer Survivor Joan of Arc

Hi Marissa,

It was so nice to meet you and hear your story.  I am so sorry to hear about your Dad who was only a year older than I am.  He must have been a very special guy and still is.  You too are amazing and your website is very helpful and inspiring. I hope to return to the DC area soon.

Thanks for the beautiful and warm blanket.  I’m in between chemo treatments and need to start on a new regimen which was recently approved by the FDA last September.  The oncologists at University Hospital (Denver/Aurora) are very enthusiastic about it.  I hear that it is not covered by insurance and is quite costly.  I’ll be investigating into how I can get the manufacturing company to possibly pay for it.

All the best to you my new, beautiful, and awesome  friend.

Love and hugs,

Joan of Arc (Joan Ponds)