40 Blankets Made with Love by Ben, Jonnie & Friends….

Ben, Jonnie & friends….

Ben, Jonnie & friends….

Today my friend Jonnie and I hosted our first blanket party.  Thanks to all our friends for coming out and making 40 blankets for cancer patients!  This batch of blankets were made by in memory of Marty Cates, a very special woman who passed away from cancer earlier this year.

My mom now wants to share a story behind the donation that made buying the materials to make these blankets possible….

Marty’s husband Don connected with me through my site CancerHawk.com.  He was looking for help for his wife who had been recently diagnosed with bile duct cancer.    In addition to connecting Don and Marty with some resources that might be able to help them navigate their way through this diagnosis, I also sent Marty a blanket that the kids had just made.

Although Marty was very touched by the gesture, she asked if she could give it to her good friend who had been battling cancer for over a year and was feeling really down.  Of course I said “yes” and then I insisted on sending out another blanket for Marty to keep.  Marty put that blanket in the bag she brought with her to every chemo appointment.

One day, a nurse asked Marty about the beautiful, colorful fleece she had in her bag.  Marty told the nurse how Marissa and Ben had lost their dad to cancer and that they were making blankets and donating them to cancer patients throughout the country.

Marty had never actually used the blanket.  She was fortunate in that she never felt cold from any of her chemo treatments.  Then Marty had a brilliant idea…. she asked the nurse to tell her who in the infusion clinic that day was having a rough time and could use a pick me up.  The nurse pointed to a woman who was receiving her first round of chemo, was all alone and scared.  Marty gave her the blanket.  She said this woman clinged on the blanket for hours as she received her chemotherapy.  And when she was done, she cried when she found out that she could keep the blanket for herself.

I wanted to share this story with you as it gets to the heart of why my kids are doing this.  Cancer  can beat up your body but it can also bring out the goodness in people.  Marty was such a generous, kind and loving person.  She was battling cancer herself and yet she saw people who were suffering more than she was.  With these blankets, she found a way to bring sunshine into 2 other people’s lives.  And that is the exact reason why my kids started making blankets in first place.  Thank you Mr. Cates for making your generous donation so we could make 40 more blankets and hopefully bring sunshine into the lives of 40 more cancer patients.