Blankets to Canada Have Been Received!

Dr. Rochelle Panov

Pictured above is Dr. Rochelle Schwartz, Founder of the Panov Program for Precision Chemotherapy.  In 2010, Dr. Schwartz’s husband was diagnosed with liposarcoma  and given just a few months to live .  Four years later, thanks to a new and unique approach to cancer treatment developed by Champions Oncology, her husband is still alive and well..  The Panov Program will bring this technology to Canada to help patients battling a diagnosis of sarcoma.


Dear Panov Program Supporters,

I was really touched yesterday to open a box filled with beautify handmade blankets donated for our patients that will be in the Panov Program chemo trial. These were sent to us from Robyn Stoller who unfortunately lost her husband at a young age to sarcoma. Robyn and her partner Ollie Curme will be setting up a research program with Champions Oncology at an American research cancer hospital, similar to what Sharla and I are setting up in Toronto with Mt. Sinai.

Robyn ‘s two wonderful and talented children, Marissa and Ben hand-made these blankets for charity and send them to chemo patients across the USA. There is no cost to the patient or their families. They are sent with lots of love and good wishes.

Thank you Robyn, Marissa and Ben for including our Toronto sarcoma patients in your tzadakah project. We will make sure they are kept warm and cozy during our upcoming research trial in Precision Chemotherapy

With much appreciation,
Rochelle and Sharla