XOXO Jaimin…

2012-01-16 13.21.48

This is the blanket we made for Jaimin with Rabbi Jacob

2012-01-16 12.50.59

Marissa, Ben, Ethan and Shaare Torah volunteer Tracey Alalouf. We all helped tie those knots! xoxoxo

In case you ever wondered why we make blankets for cancer patients, just read this beautiful email we received from a very special recipient…

Hi Marissa,

I am a friend of Kim Oser, and I know that she has mentioned me to you.  My son, Jaimin, is currently stable after being treated for medulloblastoma, a pediatric brain cancer.  He was so fortunate to receive a blanket from you!  Aside from being a special gift from “Aunt Kimmy,” he also learned that the blanket was made my his good friend, Renana Harris-Blumenthal, and her dad, Rabbi Jacob Blumenthal, a very close friend of mine from college, at your congregation.  Already, the blanket had special powers!!!

We are now over two years out of treatment.  Jaimin still sleeps with the blanket.  I would have thought that something that reminded him so much of those horrible times would have been put aside when treatment was complete, but I think that between the “special powers” and how comforted he was during treatment, that the blank remains on his bed to this day.

I would love to have a blanket making party with my Girl Scout troops this fall.  I have a Brownie and Junior troop and we meet on Fridays.  Please let me know if you would like to come talk with my amazing Scouts.  Many thanks for all that you do.    

Thank you, 

Joyce Kammerman