Getting Cozy With a Blanket We Made


How sweet of you to think of me and to bring me a “Get Cozy During Chemo” blanket.  I am so touched that you would think of me and truly blown away by the family story behind the creators of these blankets.  I have gone on the website and read some of the blogs of the many people they have touched.

Truly the most redeeming factor of having cancer is getting to be there recipient of so much kindness  in the world.  From Marissa and Ben to you to me… all of the people making meals and giving us rides and helping out in so many ways.  I truly feel lucky.

I will be bringing this blanket to my next 7 rounds of chemo as I am always cold.  In fact at my first chemo we disced the fact that I need a nice warm blanket and a couple days later, you brought it to us.

Thank you again.  I am sure Ken will keep you posted as to my progress along the way.  It is going to be a long haul but I will get through it.


Judy Weinstein