How We Make Blankets

Ben & Ethan Stoller making a blanket at Shaare Torah’s Mitzvah Day

  • Take your two pieces of fleece (each piece of fleece measures 2 yards by 1.5 yards approximately) and put one piece on top of the other lining up the edges so they are even (one side will be the front and the other side will be the back of your blanket).
  • Trim off  the edges while holding both pieces of fleece together.  Try not to cut in more than 2 inches.  Try to cut as straight as possible but don’t worry if it’s not perfect.
  • Cut out a  4″x4″ square from each corner of  the blanket.  Make sure to cut through both layers of fleece at the same time so everything lines up evenly.
  • Now you are ready to cut your fringes. Cut 4 inches into both fleeces at 1″ wide.  I found it easier to lay a tape measure across from the corner of the cut out corner to the other.  Your fringes don’t need to be 1″ exactly, just try to keep them the same size.   You don’t want to have one fringe 1″ and the next one 2″.
  • Proceed to cut 1″ intervals on all four sides.
  • Starting on one side, tie knots using one fringe from each piece of fleece.
  • IMPORTANT:  double knot the fringes.  It helps keep them from coming untied especially in the wash.
  • And that’s it….easy, simple and fun to make….