Blankets Sent to CancerCare


We sent 40 blankets to CancerCare, an amazing organization that provides telephone, online and face-to-face counseling, support groups, educationpublications and financial and co-payment assistance for people with cancer.  To learn more about CancerCare, visit their website or call them at 800-813-HOPE (4673).

This is the email we received from CancerCare….. 

Dear Marissa & Ben,

Thank you so much for the beautiful blankets and for your continued support of our mission. Our clients will certainly love them. I’ve attached photos of our social work staff with the blankets. These photos also appeared on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

All the Best,

Katie Nave Freeman

Media Relations Manager | CancerCare


CancerCare Social Workers


Shockwave Allstars Makes 50 Blankets


Thank You Shockwave for Hosting a Get Cozy Blanket Party!

Here is a copy of the flyer and email Shockwave sent out to their athletes.

Please Join Shockwave Allstars for

A “Get Cozy During Chemo” Blanket Party


Sunday, October 26 from 2:00pm to 8pm (during team practices) at Shockwave

How It Works:  

We’ve cut the material and gotten the blankets ready to tie. Come make a blanket or work together with another Shockwave athlete to make one (just tie some knots- no sewing required!). Come a little early for your practice or stay a little later. The blankets will be donated to patients undergoing chemotherapy. It’s a great opportunity to do something awesome for someone who will truly appreciate this wonderful gift. Plus you’ll earn SSL hours too!

Why we do this:

From Marissa Stoller: As many of you know, I lost my dad to cancer 2 1/2 years ago. While battling this cancer, my family and I were constantly amazed by the kindness and generosity we received not only from people we knew but from complete strangers as well.  In hopes of sharing such thoughtfulness with others, I have started “Get Cozy During Chemo”, where we make fleece blankets and donate them to cancer patients around the country. For more information, visit


Marissa Stoller

(Shockwave team member – Force, IOC5)

Getting Cozy With a Blanket We Made


How sweet of you to think of me and to bring me a “Get Cozy During Chemo” blanket.  I am so touched that you would think of me and truly blown away by the family story behind the creators of these blankets.  I have gone on the website and read some of the blogs of the many people they have touched.

Truly the most redeeming factor of having cancer is getting to be there recipient of so much kindness  in the world.  From Marissa and Ben to you to me… all of the people making meals and giving us rides and helping out in so many ways.  I truly feel lucky.

I will be bringing this blanket to my next 7 rounds of chemo as I am always cold.  In fact at my first chemo we disced the fact that I need a nice warm blanket and a couple days later, you brought it to us.

Thank you again.  I am sure Ken will keep you posted as to my progress along the way.  It is going to be a long haul but I will get through it.


Judy Weinstein

XOXO Jaimin…

2012-01-16 13.21.48

This is the blanket we made for Jaimin with Rabbi Jacob

2012-01-16 12.50.59

Marissa, Ben, Ethan and Shaare Torah volunteer Tracey Alalouf. We all helped tie those knots! xoxoxo

In case you ever wondered why we make blankets for cancer patients, just read this beautiful email we received from a very special recipient…

Hi Marissa,

I am a friend of Kim Oser, and I know that she has mentioned me to you.  My son, Jaimin, is currently stable after being treated for medulloblastoma, a pediatric brain cancer.  He was so fortunate to receive a blanket from you!  Aside from being a special gift from “Aunt Kimmy,” he also learned that the blanket was made my his good friend, Renana Harris-Blumenthal, and her dad, Rabbi Jacob Blumenthal, a very close friend of mine from college, at your congregation.  Already, the blanket had special powers!!!

We are now over two years out of treatment.  Jaimin still sleeps with the blanket.  I would have thought that something that reminded him so much of those horrible times would have been put aside when treatment was complete, but I think that between the “special powers” and how comforted he was during treatment, that the blank remains on his bed to this day.

I would love to have a blanket making party with my Girl Scout troops this fall.  I have a Brownie and Junior troop and we meet on Fridays.  Please let me know if you would like to come talk with my amazing Scouts.  Many thanks for all that you do.    

Thank you, 

Joyce Kammerman

Taking the Chill Out of Chemo

Thank You Cancer Today Magazine for this amazing article on Get Cozy During Chemo. Below is article that was written by Leigh Zaleski. Thank you Ms. Zaleski.

When Marissa Stoller’s father, Alan, was diagnosed in summer 2009 with stage IV pleomorphic rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer that begins in the muscles, she was too young to do much more than be with him. Marissa, then 10 years old, felt powerless.

Alan Stoller died in July 2010 at 47 after surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation failed to stem the cancer from progressing. A year after his death, Marissa started thinking about how she could help cancer patients for her bat mitzvah community-service project. The Rockville, Md., resident, who is now 15, remembered making no-sew, knotted fleece blankets with her Girl Scout troop. She thought these handmade blankets might provide warmth and support to patients who feel cold while undergoing intravenous chemotherapy treatment.

​Marissa Stoller | Photo © Fredde Lieberman of Lieberman Photography

With help from her mother, Robyn, and younger brothers, Benjamin and Ethan, she created Get Cozy During Chemo to bring together volunteers to make colorful fleece blankets for cancer patients. Marissa spread the word about Get Cozy on Facebook, and Robyn created a blog. As a start, the Stollers bought 720 yards of fabric, enough to make 180 blankets. In November 2011, 60 people came to her home for her first blanket party.

Since then, Get Cozy volunteers have provided blankets and encouragement to more than 400 cancer patients. Blankets are mailed to local infusion clinics and nationally to people the Stollers have connected with online, and through another nonprofit organization called Layers of Love.

When her father was sick and after he died, Marissa says, many people went out of their way to help her—such as a boy at her school who sent her an instant message saying his dad had died from cancer and that he knew what she was going through. Marissa says she feels good knowing she is providing needed support. “Even though I wasn’t able to help my dad, I’m able to help other people.”

Make and Donate a Blanket:  Here’s how to help a chemotherapy patient stay warm.

Broaden Your Impact:  Connect with an organization that distributes blankets to cancer patients.

Do you know an extraordinary person who’s giving his or her time to the cancer cause? Email We may feature the person in a future issue.


Blankets to Canada Have Been Received!

Dr. Rochelle Panov

Pictured above is Dr. Rochelle Schwartz, Founder of the Panov Program for Precision Chemotherapy.  In 2010, Dr. Schwartz’s husband was diagnosed with liposarcoma  and given just a few months to live .  Four years later, thanks to a new and unique approach to cancer treatment developed by Champions Oncology, her husband is still alive and well..  The Panov Program will bring this technology to Canada to help patients battling a diagnosis of sarcoma.


Dear Panov Program Supporters,

I was really touched yesterday to open a box filled with beautify handmade blankets donated for our patients that will be in the Panov Program chemo trial. These were sent to us from Robyn Stoller who unfortunately lost her husband at a young age to sarcoma. Robyn and her partner Ollie Curme will be setting up a research program with Champions Oncology at an American research cancer hospital, similar to what Sharla and I are setting up in Toronto with Mt. Sinai.

Robyn ‘s two wonderful and talented children, Marissa and Ben hand-made these blankets for charity and send them to chemo patients across the USA. There is no cost to the patient or their families. They are sent with lots of love and good wishes.

Thank you Robyn, Marissa and Ben for including our Toronto sarcoma patients in your tzadakah project. We will make sure they are kept warm and cozy during our upcoming research trial in Precision Chemotherapy

With much appreciation,
Rochelle and Sharla

These Blankets Are Going to Sarcoma Patients in Canada

These blankets are being sent to sarcoma patients in Toronto, Canada.

We are honored to donate blankets to the sarcoma patients participating in the “Panov Program for Precision Chemotherapy”  Research Initiative.  The Panov Program will raise awareness and funds for research into sarcoma, a disease that attacks the connective tissues within the body, causing tumours within muscles, bones, nerves, fat and blood vessels. Sarcoma accounts for 1% of all adult cancers and more than 15% of all children’s cancers.  We lost our Dad to sarcoma in 2010.  

To learn more about this incredible program for sarcoma patients living in Canada, read these articles in The New Canadian  and on The Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation website.



Great News from Rob

Thank you so much for the beautiful blanket.

I was just on the site and read about all of the great work that they do.  I’m doing very well with the treatment and am going back into in-patient status tomorrow (Monday). 

I was diagnosed on April 5 at Shady Grove Hospital and then Life Flighted to the JHH Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center in Baltimore  that afternoon.  Needless to say, this has been a real surprise and a “kick in the ass” since I had few symptoms and had a clear blood count just 3 weeks prior for an arthroscopic knee procedure at the end of March.

The good news is that I’m responding well to the first round of chemo and starting the next one tomorrow.  Thanks again for the blanket and I’ll see you soon since I’ll be in out-patient status more than in-patient.

Best Regards,


40 Blankets Made with Love by Ben, Jonnie & Friends….

Ben, Jonnie & friends….

Ben, Jonnie & friends….

Today my friend Jonnie and I hosted our first blanket party.  Thanks to all our friends for coming out and making 40 blankets for cancer patients!  This batch of blankets were made by in memory of Marty Cates, a very special woman who passed away from cancer earlier this year.

My mom now wants to share a story behind the donation that made buying the materials to make these blankets possible….

Marty’s husband Don connected with me through my site  He was looking for help for his wife who had been recently diagnosed with bile duct cancer.    In addition to connecting Don and Marty with some resources that might be able to help them navigate their way through this diagnosis, I also sent Marty a blanket that the kids had just made.

Although Marty was very touched by the gesture, she asked if she could give it to her good friend who had been battling cancer for over a year and was feeling really down.  Of course I said “yes” and then I insisted on sending out another blanket for Marty to keep.  Marty put that blanket in the bag she brought with her to every chemo appointment.

One day, a nurse asked Marty about the beautiful, colorful fleece she had in her bag.  Marty told the nurse how Marissa and Ben had lost their dad to cancer and that they were making blankets and donating them to cancer patients throughout the country.

Marty had never actually used the blanket.  She was fortunate in that she never felt cold from any of her chemo treatments.  Then Marty had a brilliant idea…. she asked the nurse to tell her who in the infusion clinic that day was having a rough time and could use a pick me up.  The nurse pointed to a woman who was receiving her first round of chemo, was all alone and scared.  Marty gave her the blanket.  She said this woman clinged on the blanket for hours as she received her chemotherapy.  And when she was done, she cried when she found out that she could keep the blanket for herself.

I wanted to share this story with you as it gets to the heart of why my kids are doing this.  Cancer  can beat up your body but it can also bring out the goodness in people.  Marty was such a generous, kind and loving person.  She was battling cancer herself and yet she saw people who were suffering more than she was.  With these blankets, she found a way to bring sunshine into 2 other people’s lives.  And that is the exact reason why my kids started making blankets in first place.  Thank you Mr. Cates for making your generous donation so we could make 40 more blankets and hopefully bring sunshine into the lives of 40 more cancer patients.