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Summer 2009: Our Amazing Family. Before Cancer.

Welcome to Get Cozy During Chemo!  

xo from Marissa:

My name is Marissa Stoller and I began Get Cozy During Chemo in April, 2011 as I started to prepare for my upcoming Bat Mitzvah.  As part of my Bat Mitzvah, I was required to do a mitzvah (good deed) project.  It took me a while to figure out exactly what I wanted to do.  All I knew was that I wanted to help cancer patients as the year before I had lost one of the most important people in my life- my amazing, incredible Dad- to this horrible disease.   I remember how amazed my family and I were by the kindness and generosity we received from friends, family and complete strangers.  I wanted to do something to share that same thoughtfulness with others battling cancer.

And then it hit me…. everyone in my family has had (or still has) a special blankie in their life.  Wouldn’t it be great it I could make cozy blankets to give to cancer patients to use during their chemotherapy treatments to help keep them warm.  I remember how cold my Dad got during his infusions.  I also remember making no-sew fleece blankets as a girl scout; it was fun and easy to do.

So, to make a long story short, here’s what happened next…

I  started hosting “Get Cozy During Chemo” Parties at my house.  Friends and others in our community would get together and we’d make these no-sew fleece blankets.  A few local stores, my synagogue and a girl scout troop also asked if they could a host a blanket party.  People started making donations to help cover the cost of materials and before I knew it,  we had made 336 blankets (as of February, 2013).

😉 from Ben:

Hi! My name is Ben Stoller and although I’ve been helping my sister make blankets since 2011, I’m now starting to host my own blanket parties.  I hosted my first one in December, 2013 with my best friend Jonnie.  More than 30 of our friends got together to make 50 blankets.  Each friend who was there said they had been touched by cancer- whether it was a grandparent, a friend, a cousin, a parent, a neighbor…. literally everyone knew about cancer and the challenges people battling this disease face.  Three of my friends even asked if we could send a blanket to someone they knew that was currently battling this horrible disease.  Of course we said “yes”!

Initially, my sister Marissa set a goal to make 180 “no-sew” fleece blankets for cancer patients. Why 180? Derivatives of the number 18 symbolize “life” & “good luck” in Judaism.  She exceeded that goal by the time of her bat mitzvah.  Now, together we have set a new goal… to give every single person who gets diagnosed with cancer  a cozy blanket made with love, warmth and healing wishes.